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Representing? Sell to KeyGlee.

Earn full commission from a guaranteed buyer.

Agent Benefits

Find out why licensed real estate agents choose to work with KeyGlee.

Easy Money.

Listing agents are able to make full 6% commission. Buyer agents can make commission without having to prospect for clients.

Fast Closings.

With thousands of transactions closed, there is no learning curve for us and no explanations required. KeyGlee deals are completed in much less time than a traditional real estate transaction.

Flexible for Your Seller.

We are flexible to suit your seller’s needs. Sellers can move when they are ready, and can have as much or as little time as needed.

Much Less Paperwork.

There is much less paperwork for the agents we do business with because of our simple conditions, our as-is purchase statement, our opt for no home warranty, and the fact that we always do cash purchases.

Little to No Negotiations.

We never ask for seller concessions and we always accept properties in as-is condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve asked great questions, and here are our answers.

Where do you purchase properties?

We currently purchase properties all over the Phoenix metropolitan area. From San Tan Valley all the way to Surprise.

What are the terms of your purchase?

We purchase properties with all cash and in as-is condition. We are flexible on the closing period and can close quickly. If more time is necessary, we can easily push deadlines back.

Why are you not looking for MLS or wholesale deals?

Our acquisitions process is extremely accurate for catching almost all MLS deals and we personally know the majority of all established wholesalers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We know exactly what we are looking for and if it is an existing MLS or wholesale deal, chances are we have already seen it.

What if I have a property with difficult tenants/owners?

Our quick process is facilitated by having our contractors in and out of a property during inspection as quickly as possible. It is the agent’s responsibility to coordinate with tenants or owners of the property if the property they are representing is occupied. It is important that this process goes smoothly so that everyone involved can be confident in the work of the assigned contractors and closing of the deal. If you are representing a property that has difficult tenants/owners occupying it, please communicate to them how important it is to help facilitate this process. We are more than happy to assist representing agents where necessary.

Do you give low ball offers like most companies/investors?

We happily offer full value based on property condition. We never provide “low ball” offers. We look at all of our purchases as if they would need a full renovation. Some of the properties that we make offers on require a minimal amount of renovation work. Because of this, some offers may not be as high as originally expected. Properties that fall into this category often do not work for our business model. KeyGlee’s goal is for all sellers to walk away overjoyed receiving the full value of their home.

What is the best way to find properties that KeyGlee will buy?

Keep your eyes looking for deals that match our buying criteria and email/talk to colleagues in your office once or twice a month. The deals we purchase are jackpot experiences for the agents that find them, so stay alert.

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